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Lunardelli A., Conti R., Matteucci I., Mori P., Petrocchi M. Preserving Data Privacy in eHealth. Javier Lopez (ed.). -: Springer, 2014.
Privacy of data is a crucial aspect in nowadays life, from economy to leisure, from public administration to healthcare. Specifica- tion, authoring, and validation of appropriate policies are the basis for the sound application of such policies during the subsequent enforce- ment phase. This chapter reviews different components in a framework for privacy policy management and specifically focuses on the e-health scenario. Starting from different existing approaches to policy authoring and policy validation, we then focus on a specific solution aiming at inte- grating three tools covering the whole phase of policy generation, i.e., a user-friendly authoring tool allowing definition of privacy preferences in natural language, a formal analysis tool to detect conflicts among poli- cies, and a conflict solver implementing a solution strategy that privileges the most specific policy among a set of conflicting ones.
Subject policy conflict resolution strategies, user-friendly policy authoring tools, User's privacy preferences
D.4.6 Security and Protection (K.6.5) Access controls, H.3.3 Information Search and Retrieval H.3.4 Systems and Software, J.3 Health, K.5 LEGAL ASPECTS OF COMPUTING

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