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Matteucci I., Bonomi S. Introduction to the Safecomp 2014 Workshop: Reliability and Security Aspects for Critical Infrastructure Protection (ReSA4CI 2014). Andrea Bondavalli, Andrea Ceccarelli, Frank Ortmeier (eds.). -: springer, 2014.
The ReSA4CI workshop aims at providing a forum for researchers and engineers in academia and industry to foster an exchange of research results, experiences, and products in the area of reliable, dependable, and secure computing for critical systems protection from both a theoretical and practical perspective. Its ultimate goal is to envision new trends and ideas about aspects of designing, implementing, and evaluating reliable and secure solutions for the next generation critical infrastructures. Critical Infrastructures present several challenges in the fields of distributed systems, dependability and security methods and approaches crucial for improving trustworthiness on ICT facilities. The workshop aims at presenting the advancement on the state of art in these fields and spreading their adoption in several scenarios involving main infrastructures for modern society.
Subject Control Structure Reliability, Security, Testing
B.1.3 Control Structure Reliability, H.2.0 Security, Testing

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