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Gardellin V., Kocian A., Martelli F., Santi P. Assessing the Performance of a MIMO SDR Testbed with Dual Transceiver Implementation. Technical report, 2013.
Software Defined Radio testbeds are becoming increasingly used in the wireless networking community, given their feature of leaving wireless network designer full control of the PHY layer. On the other hand, SDR testbeds are formed of very complex software/hardware tools, in which implementation bugs are likely and difficult to identify. For this reason, assessment of the results provided by an SDR platform should be a fundamental, preliminary step in the performance evaluation process. In this paper, we provide a thorough assessment of the MIMONet SDR platform for network-level exploitation of MIMO technology. To assess the platform, we have used two different implementations of an OFDM transceiver: one based on Matlab, the other on the GNU Radio software. We have then crossvalidated performance by means of extensive measurements using the two alternative implementations. We have also designed and implemented a fine grained SNR and BER estimation methodology, that allowed us to carefully validate performance of the two software implementations against theoretical predictions. When collectively considered, the results of our measurements promote MIMONet as the first SDR testbed with carefully validated performance.
Subject Software
Defined Radios
MIMO testbed
performance assessment
C.2.1. Network architecture and design: wireless communications

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