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Resta G., Galli-Resta L., Piccardi M., Ziccardi L., Fadda A., Minnella A., Marangoni D., Placidi G., Falsini B. Early Detection of Central Visual Function Decline in Cone-RodDystrophy by the use of Macular Focal Cone Electroretinogram. In: Invest Ophthalmol Vis Sci, vol. 54 (10) pp. 6560 - 6590. ARVO, 2013.
PURPOSE:To evaluate macular focal cone ERG (fERG) as a tool for reliable and early detection of central retinal function decay in cone-rod dystrophy (CRD).RESULTS:Macular focal cone ERG follow-up allowed a clear-cut identification of CRD patients as stationary or progressive, in agreement with visual acuity follow-up. In all progressive patients, fERG declined whenever visual acuity declined, and--in 50% of the cases--fERG loss anticipated acuity loss of several years.CONCLUSIONS:Macular focal cone ERG represents a sensitive assay to detect, categorize, and follow the progression of central retinal dysfunction in CRD. Its use as a diagnostic tool in CRD may help anticipate, for an individual patient, the likelihood and rate of further disease progression before visual acuity loss has occurred.
Subject visual acuity
focal ERG
cone?rod dystrophy
G.3 Probability and Statistics

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