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Santi P., Blough D., Ramya S. On the Feasibility of Unilateral Interference Cancellation in MIMO Networks. In: IEEE/ACM Transactions on Networking, vol. to appear (to appear) pp. 1 - 14. IEEE, 2013.
In this paper, we study the feasibility problem in MIMO networks, under the assumption that unilateral inter- ference cancellation is performed. The fundamental problem of MIMO feasiblity refers to whether it is possible to sup- port specified numbers of streams allocated to the links of a MIMO network while cancelling all interference. In unilateral interference cancellation, nodes account only for interfering links that they have been assigned to cancel and ignore other interfering links. This can be safely done because, under a proper interference cancellation assignment, the ignored interference is assigned to other nodes for handling. We present several different formulations of the unilateral feasibility problem and use these formulations to analyze the problem?s complexity and develop heuristic feasibility algorithms. We first prove that the general unilateral feasibility problem is NP-complete. We then identify several special cases where the problem is solvable in polynomial time. These include when only receiver-side interference cancella- tion is performed, when all nodes have two antenna elements, and when the maximum degree of the network?s interference graph is two. Finally, we present several heuristic feasibility algorithms derived from different problem formulations and we evaluate their accuracies on randomly generated MIMO networks.
Subject Boolean satisfiability
C.2.1 Network Architecture and Design: wireless communication

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