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Buzzi M., Buzzi M. C., Germanakos P., Georgiadis D., Fenili C. Enhancing Collaboration in ASD-Centric Treatment Environments: A Proposed Architecture. In: USAB 2011 - Information Quality in eHealth (Graz - Austria, 25-26 November 2011). Proceedings, pp. 225 - 244. (Lecture Notes in Computer Science). Springer Computer Science Editorial, 2011.
There is a growing body of evidence that people diagnosed with Autistic Spectrum Disorder (ASD) is increasing each year. ASD is a neurodevelopmental spectrum disorder with overarching characteristics the abnormal social interaction, communication ability, patterns of interests, and patterns of behavior. Individuals with ASD are characterized by unique and divergent needs and requirements which make a generalized treatment approach obsolete. Early diagnosis and interventions in persons with ASD, along with a consistent and continuous monitoring of their situation by the dedicated care team may increase their learning abilities and social inclusion. In this respect, we propose an ASD-centric Computer Supported Collaborative Treatment Architecture which employs the notion of Virtual Care Teams and dynamic workflows. We analyze its various components and outline a set of services that have been adjusted on the qualities and limitations of the ASD sector. Through this architecture a continuous treatment with updated exchange of information, effective communication, prompt error handling, and improved decision making, can be achieved within and between the members of a care team. Finally, we present a real life case scenario which employs the particular architecture, encapsulating the arisen benefits of the proposed approach.
Subject Virtual Care Teams
Autistic Spectrum Disorder
H.5.2 [Information Interfaces and Presentation]: User Interfaces ? Graphical user interfaces (GUI). K.4.2 [Social Issues]: Handicapped persons/special needs.

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