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Mori G., Buzzi M. C., Buzzi M., Leporini B. Structured Audio Podcasts via Web Text-to-Speech System. In: WWW2010 - 19th International World Wide Web Conference (Raleigh NC (USA), 26-30 April 2010). Proceedings, pp. 1281 - 1284. Sheridan Printing, 2010.
Audio podcasting is increasingly present in the educational field and is especially appreciated as an ubiquitous/pervasive tool (“anywhere, anytime, at any pace”) for acquiring or expanding knowledge. We designed and implemented a Web-based Text To Speech (TTS) system for automatic generation of a set of structured audio podcasts from a single text document. The system receives a document in input (doc, rtf, or txt), and in output provides a set of audio files that reflect the document’s internal structure (one mp3 file for each document section), ready to be downloaded on portable mp3 players. Structured audio files are useful for everyone but are especially appreciated by blind users, who must explore content audially. Fully accessible for the blind, our system offers WAI-ARIA-based Web interfaces for easy navigation and interaction via screen reader and voice synthesizer, and produces a set of accessible audio files for Rockbox mp3 players (mp3 and talk files), allowing blind users to also listen to naturally spoken file names (instead of their spelled-out strings). In this demo, we will show how the system works when a user interacts via screen reader and voice synthesizer, showing the interaction with both our Web-based system and with an mp3 player.
DOI: 10.1145/1772690.1772902
Subject Audio Podcasting
mp3 files
H.5.2 [Information Interfaces and Presentation]: User Interfaces – Graphical user interfaces (GUI).
K.4.2 [Social Issues]: Handicapped persons/special needs
K.3.1 [Computer Uses in Education]: Distance Learning

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