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Matteucci I., Petrocchi M., Colombo M., Martinelli F. Context-Aware Analysis of Data Sharing Agreements. In: European Context Awareness & Trust 2010 (CAT2010) 4th Workshop on Combining Context with Trust, Security, and Privacy (Nice, France, 23-24 August 2010). Proceedings, TDF, 2010.
A Data Sharing Agreement is an agreement among contracting parties regulating how they share data under certain contextual conditions. Upon the definition phase, where the parties negotiate the respective authorizations on data covered by the agreement, the resulting policy may be analysed in order to identify possible conflicts or incompatibilities among authorizations clauses. In this paper, we propose a formal framework for Data Sharing Agreement analysis. Our proposal is built on a process algebra formalism dealing with contextual data, encoded into the Maude engine to make it executable. The effectiveness of the analysis is shown through a sensitive data sharing test bed. Furthermore, we present an implementation of the analyser exposed as a Web Service built on top of Maude. The Web Service technology allows the modularity of the whole architecture with respect to the analysis tool.
Subject Data Sharing Agreements
Context-aware Data Protection
Formal Analysis
Web Service Implementation
K.6.5 Security and Protection

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