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Santi P., Srinivasan R., Blough D., Cortes-Pena L. M. Maximizing Throughput in MIMO Networks with Variable Rate Streams. In: European Wireless (Lucca, 12-15 April 2010). Proceedings, Springer, 2010.
The problem that we consider is that of maximizing throughput in a MIMO network while accounting for vari- able rate streams on MIMO links. The stream rates on a link depend on the channel conditions of the link, and the manner in which the diversity-multiplexing tradeoff is handled. In this work, we use the dependence of stream rates on the chan- nel to develop methods of link selection and stream alloca- tion that approximately maximize the aggregate throughput. Maximizing throughput is closely tied to the problem of allo- cating streams based on the stream rates of the selected links. Doing this optimally is very complex even for networks with 10 or fewer links. We develop a stream allocation heuristic that approximately maximizes the throughput over a given set of links. Simulation results for single collision domain networks show that our stream allocation heuristic is within 6% of optimal in networks with up to 10 links (in a typical case where the maximum concurrency allowed is 15 links). The algorithm also cuts the difference between heuristic and optimal results in half, compared to a simple greedy algo- rithm. Our research has also identified the feasibility check- ing problem for general MIMO networks as being a compu- tationally hard problem. However, we also identify several practical special cases, e.g. when interference suppression is done only at the receiver side, for which feasibility checking remains a polynomial-time operation.
DOI: 10.1109/EW.2010.5483484
Subject Wireless mesh networks
Intelligent networks
Greedy algorithms
C.2.1. Network architecture and design: wireless networks

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