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Boldrini C. Design and analysis of context-aware forwarding protocols for opportunistic networks. In: MobiOpp '10 - Second International Workshop on Mobile Opportunistic Networking (Pisa, Italy, February 22-23 2010). Proceedings, pp. 201 - 202. ACM, 2010.
The new challenges presented by opportunistic networks call for advanced networking solutions, especially for what con- cerns message forwarding. Very promising are those ap- proaches that exploit information on the context the users are surrounded by, like the other users they met, the places they visit, etc. In this work we describe HiBOp, a context- aware forwarding protocol that includes a mechanism for col- lecting and managing context information. We also present an analytical model that can be used as a framework for evaluating the delay under context-aware forwarding proto- cols in which context is built from pairs that characterize each user
DOI: 10.1145/1755743.1755788
Subject Wireless communication
C.2.1 Computer-Communication Networks: Network Architecture and Design. Wireless Communication
C.2.2 Computer-Communication Networks: Network Protocols. Routing protocols

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