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Canali C., Renda M. E., Santi P., Burresi S. Enabling Efficient Peer-to-Peer Resource Sharing in Wireless Mesh Networks. In: IEEE Transactions on Mobile Computing, vol. 9 (3) pp. 333 - 347. IEEE, 2010.
Wireless mesh networks are a promising area for the deployment of new wireless communication and networking technologies. In this paper, we address the problem of enabling effective peer-to-peer resource sharing in this type of networks. Starting from the well-known Chord protocol for resource sharing in wired networks, we propose a specialization that accounts for peculiar features of wireless mesh networks: namely, the availability of a wireless infrastructure, and the 1-hop broadcast nature of wireless communication, which bring to the notions of location-awareness and MAC layer cross-layering. Through extensive packet-level simulations, we investigate the separate effects of location-awareness and MAC layer cross-layering, and of their combination, on the performance of the P2P application. The combined protocol, MESHCHORD, reduces message overhead of as much as 40% with respect to the basic Chord design, while at the same time improving the information retrieval performance. Notably, differently from the basic Chord design, our proposed MESHCHORD specialization displays information retrieval performance resilient to the presence of both CBR and TCP background traffic. Overall, the results of our study suggest that MESHCHORD can be successfully utilized for implementing file/resource sharing applications in wireless mesh networks.
DOI: 10.1109/TMC.2009.134
Subject Wireless mesh networks
community networks
distributed hash tables
peer-to-peer resource sharing

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