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Abba L., Trumpy S. Work in progress in Internet governance: a proposed study on ICANNs opening for new gTLDs. In: 2nd International Academic Workshop Global Internet Governance: An Interdisciplinary Research Field in Construction (Brussels, Belgium, 11 May 2009).
CNR was involved in Internet critical resources matters since the ARPAnet times. While the authors are coming from a technological background, they are the promoters, within CNR, of a new multi-disciplinary research project on Internet governance to study questions connected to legal and regulatory matters, public policy and societal issues. The authors intend here to report about a recent relevant ICANN initiative. Last June 2008 ICANN announced a process to add a non-limited number of new gTLDs to the existing ones. Two versions of the “Applicant guidebook” have been already presented and discussed. The process is expected to lead to a first call for applications in the first quarter of the next year. It is interesting to observe that, as the process goes on, the complexity of the discussed issues is increasing. ICANN has to provide an answer but should not delay any more the implementation of the process; otherwise ICANN risks to loose credibility on a major commitment recommended in occasion of the WSIS in 2005
URL: http://giganet.igloogroups.org/publiclibr/giganetcos/2009brusse
Subject Global Internet Governance

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