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Bartoletti M., Costa G., Degano P., Martinelli F., Zunino R. Securing Java with local policies. In: Journal of Object Technology, vol. 8 (4) pp. 5 - 32. ETH Zurich, 2009.
We propose an extension to the security model of Java, that allows for specifying, analysing and enforcing history-based usage policies. Policies are defined by usage automata, that recognize the forbidden execution histories. Programmers can sandbox an untrusted piece of code with a policy, which is enforced at run-time through its local scope. A static analysis allows for optimizing the execution monitor: only the policies not guaranteed to be always obeyed will be enforced at run-time.
URL: http://www.jot.fm/issues/issue_2009_06/article1/
Subject Software Engineering
Service-Oriented Overlay Computers

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