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Bistarelli S., Foley S., O'Sullivan B., Santini F. From Marriages to Coalitions: A Soft CSP Approach. Technical report, 2008.
In this workwerepresent the Optimal Stable Marriage problem as a Soft Constraint Satisfaction Problem. In addition, we extend this problem from couples of individuals to coalitions of generic agents, in order to define new coalition-formation principles and stability conditions. In the coalition case, we suppose the preference value as a trust score, since trust can describe a nodes belief in another nodes capabilities, honesty and reliability. Soft constraints represent a general and expressive framework that is able to deal with distinct concepts of optimality by only changing the related c-semiring structure, instead of using di erent ad-hoc algorithms. At last, we propose an implementation of the classical OSM problem by using Integer Linear Programming tools.
Subject Languages
D.3.2 [PROGRAMMING LANGUAGES]: Language Classifications - Constraint and
D.3.3 [PROGRAMMING LANGUAGES]: Language Constructs and Features - Constraints

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