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Boldrini C., Conti M., Passarella A. Exploiting users social relations to forward data in opportunistic networks: the HiBOp solution. In: Pervasive and Mobile Computing, vol. 4 pp. 633 - 657. Elsevier, 2008.
Opportunistic networks, in which nodes opportunistically exploit any pair-wise contact to identify next hops towards the destination, are one of the most interesting technologies to support the pervasive networking vision. Opportunistic networks allow content sharing between mobile users without requiring any pre-existing Internet infrastructure, and tolerate partitions, long disconnections, and topology instability in general. In this paper we propose a context-aware framework for routing and forwarding in opportunistic networks. The framework is general, and able to host various flavors of context-aware routing. In this work we also present a particular protocol, HiBOp, which, by exploiting the framework, learns and represents through context information, the users’ behavior and their social relations, and uses this knowledge to drive the forwarding process. The comparison of HiBOp with reference to alternative solutions shows that a context-aware approach based on users’ social relations turns out to be a very efficient solution for forwarding in opportunistic networks.Weshow performance improvements over the reference solutions both in terms of resource utilization and in terms of user perceived QoS.
Subject Opportunistic networks
Social networking
Pervasive networks

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