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Borgia E., Conti M. AODV and OLSR evaluation in a real small-scale multi-hop ad hoc network. Marco Conti, Jon Crowcroft, Andrea Passarella (eds.). New York, USA: Nova Science Publishers Inc, 2007.
In this chapter we report an experimental comparison, on real adf hoc networks, between two routing protocols. Specifically, we evaluate the performance of OLSR and AODV in indoor and outdoor environments. We compared them is small-scale network which may represent realistic scenarios of few people exploiting an ad hoc network to share documents. Our analysis shows that the proactive approch (OLSR) performs much better than the reactive one from the efficiency and QoS stanpoint, and it also introduces a linited ocerhead. A possible cause of AODV low performance is its inefficient mangement of unstable links present in the network that are exploited as valid routes to deliver application packets. Indeed, dueto the characteristics of the wireless communications, unstable links are veruy likely in wireless networks, and their correct management represent and effective to completely solve the problem.
Subject AODV
multi-hop ad hoc network
C.2.1 Network Architecture and Design: wireless communication

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