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Martinelli F. Formal Aspects in Security and Trust. In: Formal Aspects in Security and Trust. Editorial, pp. 1 - 292. Springer, 2006.
The present volume contains the post-pr oceedings of the 4th International Work- shop on Formal Aspects in Security and Trust (FAST2006), held in Hamilton, Ontario, Canada, August 26-27, 2006. FAST is an event affiliated with the For- mal Methods 2006 Congress (FM06). FAST 2006 was held under the auspices of the IFIP WG 1.7 on Foundations of Security Analysis and Design. FAST2006 aimed at continuing the successful effort of the previous three FAST workshop editions for fostering the cooperation among researchers in the areas of security and trust. The new cha llenges offered by the so-called ambient intelligence space, as a future paradigm in the information society, demand for a coherent and rigorous framework of concepts, tools and methodologies to provide users with trust and confidence in the underlying communication/interaction infrastructure. It is necessary to address issues relating to both guaranteeing security of the infrastructure and the per ception of the infrast ructure being se- cure. In addition, user confidence in what is happening must be enhanced by developing trust models effectively but that are also easily comprehensible and manageable by users
Subject Computer Communication Networks
Data Encryption
Management of Computing and Information Systems
K.6.5 Security and Protection

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