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Santi P., Blough D. M., Bostelmann H. A Comment on: the Critical Transmitting Range for Connectivity in Sparse Wireless Ad Hoc Networks. In: IEEE TRANSACTIONS ON MOBILE COMPUTING (00050NN), vol. 5 pp. 943 - 944. IEEE, 2006.
IN [4], Santi and Blough presented a number of results concerning the asymptotic connectivity of wireless ad hoc networks. This correction includes fixes to several of that paperís results. We recall the main parameters from [4]: n refers to the number of nodes in the network, r refers to the transmitting range of the nodes, which is assumed to be identical on all nodes, and l refers to the length of the region containing the network for the one-dimensional case or the length of each side of the region for the two-dimensional and three-dimensional cases. Furthermore, CONNl is defined as the event that a randomly chosen network is connected.1
DOI: 10.1109/TMC.2006.88
Subject Ad hoc networks
Constraint theory
Intelligent networks

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