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Galluccio L., Morabito G., Palazzo S., Pellegrini M., Renda M. E., Santi P. Willage: A Two-Tiered Peer-to-Peer Resource Sharing Platform for Wireless Mesh Community Networks. Technical report, 2005.
The success of experiences such as Seattle and Houston Wireless has attracted the attention on the so called wireless mesh community networks. These are wireless multihop networks spontaneously deployed by users willing to share communication resources. Due to the community spirit characterizing such networks, it is likely that users will be willing to share other resources besides communication resources, such as data, images, music, movies, disk quotas for distributed backup, and so on. In other words, it is expected that peer-to-peer applications will be deployed in such type of networks. In this paper we propose Willage, a platform for resource localization in wireless mesh community networks with mobile users. The platform is based on a two-tiered architecture: resources are made available at the lower tier, which is composed of mobile terminals, whereas information on their localization is managed at the upper layer, which is composed of wireless mesh routers. We also introduce Georoy, an algorithm for the efficient retrieval of the information on resource localization based on the Viceroy algorithm. Simulation results show that Willage achieves its goal of enabling efficient and scalable peer-to-peer resource sharing in wireless mesh community networks.
Subject Wireless mesh networks
Community networks
Peer-to-peer applications
Resource localization
C.2.1[Computer Systems Organization]: Computer.Communication Networks .Network Architecture and Design: Wireless Communication
E.1 [Data]: Data Structures . Distributed Data Structures

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