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Eidenbenz S., Santi P. A Framework for Incentive Compatible Topology Control in Non-Cooperative Wireless Multi-Hop Networks. Technical report, 2005.
In this paper we consider the problem of building and maintaining a network topology with certain desirable features in a wireless multi-hop network where nodes behave like selfish agents. We first provide examples showing that existing topology control approaches are not resilient to strategic node behavior, indicating the need of considering possible selfish node behavior at the design stage. Given this observation, we propose a general framework that can be used as a guideline in the design of incentive compatible topology control protocols. As examples of application of our framework to specific topology control protocols, we present incentive compatible distributed algorithms for building the minimum spanning tree (MST) and the k-closest neighbors graph, which are very well-known topology control approaches. To the best of our knowledge, the ones presented in this paper are the first incentive compatible realizations of topology control presented in the literature.
Subject Wireless Multi-Hop Networks
Topology Control
Game Theory
Mechanism Design
Incentive Compatibility
C.2.1 [Computer.Communication Networks]: Network Architecture and Design. Wireless communication, network topology

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