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Blough D., Leonicini M., Resta G., Santi P. Challenge:NOWiSeNets: A Network of Wireless Sensor Networks for Internetworking the Physical World. Technical report, 2005.
Wireless Sensor Networks(WiSENets), in which several tiny, wireless sensor nodes are connected in a multi-hop fashion have been subject of intense research in recent years. In a year future, it is expected that several WiSeNets will actually be deployed for environments, instrusion detection systems, factory monitoring, and so on, and the issue of how to deal with interactions between different WiSeNets will naturally arise. In this paper, we propose a version of our future WiSeNets-instrumented world, in which WiSeNets (each of which composed of up to several thousands of sensor nodes)are networked together. This Network of WiSeNets (NOWiSeNets) can be seen as extending the concept of internetworking to the physical world. The goal of this paper is to describe our view of the NOWiSeNets paradigm, to provide examples that show the potential advantages of interconnecting WiSeNets, and to discuss the many research challenges that must be solved to realize this paradigm.
Subject Wireless Sensor Networks
Autonomic Communications
C.2.1 [Computer.Communication Networks]: Network Architecture and Design. Wireless communication, network topology

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