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Martinelli F., Petrocchi M., Vaccarelli A. Local management of credits and debits in mobile ad hoc networks. In: 8th IFIP Communication and Multimedia Security Conference (Windermere, UK, 2005). Proceedings, pp. 31 - 45. Springer, 2005.
Nodes in mobile ad hoc networks often need the communication features of others. However, nodes may not be governed by a single authority and need not share a common goal. Thus, a {it selfish} node may prefer to save resources for its own communication, rather than to forward packets for other nodes. We propose a framework for collecting information about the forwarding of packets in the network in a decentralized manner. Through reception of acknowlegments, a node can update a local repository, on which the node can rely to judge the behaviour of the other nodes. We define a secure structure for the acknowlegments and rules for updating the local repository. Further, we discuss a solution to achieve a univocal identification of a node in MANET environments.
DOI: 10.1007/0-387-24486-7_3
Subject Mobile Ad Hoc Networks

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