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Delmastro F., Passarella A. An Experimental Study of P2P Group-Communication Applications in Real-World MANETs. In: REALMAN 2005 - IEEE ICPS Workshop on Multihop Ad hoc Networks: from theory to reality (Santorini, Greece, 2005). Proceedings, pp. 52 - 60. IEEE Computer Society, 2005.
Group-communication applications are a very promising opportunity for developing valuable MANET-based applications. However, real-world experimental studies are required to indicate the best solutions to implement them. We have implemented a real prototype in which alternative networking stacks can be used to support a distributed Whiteboard application. By means of experimental results we show that a standard P2P solution based on Pastry and Scribe is not suitable for MANET environments. We also show that a cross-layer P2P system optimised for MANETs (i.e., CrossROAD) is able to overcome many of the problems experienced with Pastry.
Subject MANET
cross-layer P2P

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