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Borgia E., Conti M., Delmastro F., Gregori E. Experimental comparison of routing and middleware solutions for mobile ad hoc networks: legacy vs cross-layer approach. In: ACM SIGCOMM Workshop on Experimental Approaches to Wireless Network Design and Analysis (E-WIND) (Philadelphia (USA), 2005). Proceedings, pp. 82 - 87. ACM, 2005.
In this paper we present an experimental evaluation of afull ad hoc network architecture with particular attentionto routing and middleware layers. In particular we set upa MANET prototype on which we performed a large set ofexperiments: in a rst phase, we analyzed performances of aproactive and a reactive routing protocols in case of low mobilityscenarios in small-medium scale ad hoc networks; thenwe studied the performances of a rst prototype of an optimizedp2p system for ad hoc networks (CrossROAD), basedon a cross-layer interaction with a proactive routing protocol.Our analysis shows that the use of a proactive routingprotocol does not negatively inuence system performances,furthermore it allows the optimization of a structured p2psystem on ad hoc networks, providing a complete and timelyupdated knowledge of the network topology. In this way, theoverlay network is completely self-organizing and correctlymanages network partitioning and topology changes.Category and Subject Descriptors: C.2.2 [ComputerCommunication Networks]:Network Protocols -Protocol Ar-chitecture, Routing Protocols; C.4 [Performance of Systems]:Measurements Techniques, Performance Attribute GeneralTerms: Design, Experimentation, Measurement, PerformanceKeywords: experimental evaluation, routing protocols,p2p systems, cross-layer architecture.
DOI: 10.1145/1080148.1080166
Subject experimental evaluation
routing protocols
p2p systems
cross-layer architecture
C.2.1 Network Architecture and Design: wireless communication

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