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Seppia G., Corujo A., De Giorgio A., Fabbri S., Gianetti F., Malvaldi N., Mazzoni I., Medda D., Nicolini F. Internet@minori. Internal note ercim.cnr.iit//2003-B4-06, 2003.
The Minister for Innovation and Technologies, Lucio Stanca, has organised a day to examine issues pertaining to an informed use of the Internet. The Web provides easy access to educational resources, enables forms of cooperation in learning, offers opportunities for dialogue, and facilitates contact with the many facets of our cultures. But episodes occasionally occur that are particularly serious and show that minors are highly vulnerable to the dangers of the Internet. To develop the educational potentiality of the Web to the full, these concerns must be tackled seriously and reasonably. The Conference 'Who's Afraid of the Internet? - Encouraging the informed use of the Internet' is intended to lay the foundations for active co-operation among institutions, the private sector, associations and experts to deal with policy aspects of the Web and to work out plans to increase awareness, educate, and put forward potential solutions as well.
Subject Internet
K.4.2 Social Issues

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