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Martinelli F. Biometrics to Enhance Smartcard Security (Simulating MOC using TOC). In: 11th International Workshop on Security Protocols (Cambridge, 2003). Proceedings, pp. 1 - 10. Springer, 2003.
A novel protocol is proposed to address the problem of user authentication to smartcards using devices that are currently inexpen- sive. The protocol emulates expensive Match On Card (MOC) smart- cards, which can compute a biometric match, by cheap Template on Card (TOC) smartcards, which only store a biometric template. The actual match is delegated to an extension of the cryptographic module running on the card host, which is called Cryptoki according to the PKCS#11[9] standard. Compliance to such a standard increases the portability of the protocol. Informal reasoning confirms the protocol strenghts, though its formal verification in terms of established equational techniques appears to be at hand.
Subject cryptography

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