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Buzzi M., Gennai F. Integrated Network Service Manager: un sistema per la gestione integrata di servizi di rete. Technical report, 2002.
Cost reduction, simplified management, security and quality of service are fundamental targets when designing network services. Large organizations, which require great flexibility, often implement distributed services leading to the high cost of managing multiple servers. Transferring services from a distributed to a centralized model can reduce costs considerably. However, this choice could limit the freedom of peripheral administrators to manage their own services. We believe that the best solution is to strike a balance between the centralized and the distributed model: i.e., a hybrid management system, partly centralized, partly distributed. The idea is to centralize system configuration, maintenance and monitoring while distributing administrative tasks, typical of peripheral organization units, via web-based interfaces. We call this approach 'Centralized Management with Delegated Administration'. In this report we describe INSM (Integrated Network Services Manager), a system for managing e-mail and DNS services, based on the CMDA model.
Subject Internet
Centralized Management
Delegated Administration
Domain name system
D.2.9 Management

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