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Vaccarelli A., Martinelli F., Petrocchi M. Automated analysis of some security mechanisms of SCEP. In: 5a Information Security Conference (ISC02) (San Paolo, 30 sept- 2 oct 2002). Proceedings, pp. 414 - 427. Springer Berlin Heidelberg, 2002.
The paper analyzes SCEP, the Simple Certificate Enrollment Procedure, a two-way communication protocol to manage the secure emission of digital certificates to network devices. The protocol provides a consistent method of requesting and receiving certificates from different Certification Authorities by offering an open and scalable solution for deploying certificates which can be beneficial to all network devices and IPSEC software solutions. We formally analyze SCEP through a software tool for the automatic analysis of cryptographic protocols able to discover, at a conceptual level, attacks against security procedures. Our method of survey contributes towards a better understanding of the structure and aims of a protocol both for developers, analyzers and final users.
Subject IPSEC software solutions, security procedures

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