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Gregori E., Conti M. Traffic and Interference Adaptive Scheduling for Internet Traffic in UMTS. In: The Seventh IEEE Symposium on Computers and Communications (ISCC?02) (Taormina, 04 July 2002). Proceedings, pp. 391 - 396. IEEE, 2002.
We propose a scheduling strategy for radio resources management when transmitting Internet traffic over third-generation systems. More precisely, we consider the UMTS terrestrial radio access network (UTRAN) time division duplex (TDD) mode standardized by ETSI. UTRAN TDD uses a hybrid solution of code and time division multiple access, called TD-CDMA. We present a fair and efficient scheduling algorithm that adapts its behavior to traffic and interference conditions. Specifically, our scheduling algorithm is able to manage the radio resources taking into account both traffic fluctuations, in the uplink and downlink direction, and variations in system interference. The goal of our scheduler is data-throughput maximization for an efficient utilization of available radio resources. The performance of our scheduling algorithm is evaluated via simulation.
DOI: 10.1109/ISCC.2002.1021706
Subject 3G mobile communication, Adaptive scheduling, Interference, Internet, Radio access networks, Resource management, Scheduling algorithm, Telecommunication standards, Telecommunication traffic, Time division multiple access

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