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Santi P. An Evaluation of Connectivity in Mobile Wireless Ad Hoc Networks. In: IEEE Confernce on Dependable Systems and Networks (DNS) 2002 (Washington DC, 23-26 June 2002). Proceedings, pp. 89 - 98. IEEE, 2002.
We consider the following problem for wireless ad hoc networks: assume n nodes, each capable of communicating with nodes within a radius of r, are distributed in a d-dimensional region of side l; how large must the transmitting range r be to ensure that the resulting network is connected? We also consider the mobile version of the problem, in which nodes are allowed to move during a time interval and the value of r ensuring connectedness for a given fraction of the interval must be determined. For the stationary case, we give tight bounds on the relative magnitude of r, n and l yielding a connected graph with high probability in l-dimensional networks, thus solving an open problem. The mobile version of the problem when d=2 is investigated through extensive simulations, which give insight on how mobility affects connectivity and reveal a useful trade-off between communication capability and energy consumption.
Subject Ad hoc networks, Energy consumption, Intelligent networks, Marine vehicles, Mobile ad hoc networks, Peer to peer computing, Temperature sensors, Transceivers, Wireless LAN, Wireless sensor networks

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