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Audigane P., Brown S., Dimier A., Frykman P., Gherardi F., Le Gallo Y., Maurand N., Cremer H., Pearce J., Rütters H., Spiers C., Yalamas T. ULTimateCO2: A FP7 European Project dedicated to the understanding of the long term fate of geologically stored CO2. In: Energy Procedia. GHGT-11, vol. 37 pp. 4655 - 4664. Edited by Tim Dixon and Kenji Yamaji. Elsevier, 2013.
ULTimateCO2 will assess the long-term CO2 storage behaviour in terms of efficiency and security. The project is dedicated to studying the main physical processes needed to develop a better, quantitative understanding of the long- term geological storage of CO2, namely: (i) reservoir trapping, (ii) sealing integrity of caprock, and (iii) well leakage. Close collaboration with the NER300 candidates and EEPR demonstration sites will underpin all investigation with relevant supply of data industrial context. ULTimateCO2 will define a set of recommendations that will enable both regulators and operators to demonstrate that site specific long-term site performance will lead to permanent and safe CO2 containment.
URL: http://https://www.journals.elsevier.com/energy-procedia/special-issues
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