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Barale L., Bertok C., D'Atri A., Domini G., Martire L., Piana F. Hydrothermal dolomitization of the carbonate Jurassic succession in the Provençal and Subbriançonnais Domains (Maritime Alps, North-Western Italy). In: Comptes Rendus Geoscience, vol. 345 (1) pp. 47 - 53. Elsevier, 2013.
The present article illustrates a straight forward case of hydrothermal dolomitization, affecting Jurassic platform limestones of the Provençal and Subbriançonnais Domains (Maritime Alps, North-Western Italy). Dolomitized bodies are randomly distributed within the host limestone, and are commonly associated with dolomite vein networks and tabular bodies of dolomite-cemented breccias discordant with respect to bedding. Main dolomite types are a finely to medium-crystalline replacive dolomite and a coarsely-crystalline saddle dolomite occurring both as replacive and as cement. Stratigraphic constraints indicate that dolomitization occurred during the Cretaceous, in a shallow burial context, and was due to the circulation of hot fluids (temperature about 200°C, as indicated by fluid inclusion microthermometry) through faults and related fracture networks. Hydrothermal dolomitization therefore indirectly documents a Cretaceous fault activity in the Maritime Alps segment of the European Tethyan passive margin.
URL: http://www.elsevier.com/journals/comptes-rendus-geoscience/1631-0713
Subject hydrothermal dolomite
Provençal domain
maritime Alps
jurassic limestones

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