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Vaselli L., Cortecci G., Tonarini S., Ottria G., Mussi M. Conditions for veining and origin of mineralizing fluids in the Alpi Apuane (NW Tuscany, Italy): Evidence from structural and geochemical analyses on calcite veins hosted in Carrara marbles. In: Journal of Structural Geology, vol. 44 pp. 76 - 92. Elsevier, 2012.
This work deals with structural and geochemical (chemical and isotopic) analyses of calcite veins hosted in Carrara marbles in the Alpi Apuane, NW Tuscany, Italy. Geometric features and spatial distribution of veins provided estimations of stress ratio (Φ = (σ2 − σ3)/(σ1 − σ3)), driving stress ratio (R′ = (Pf − σ3)/(σ1 − σ3)) and fluid overpressure (Δsi = Pf − σ3) at the time of vein formation. The obtained values of Φ = 32 and R′ = 0.43 reveal that fluid pressure was higher than the intermediate principal stress at the time of veins formation, whereas the estimated Δsi ranging from 129 to 207 MPa indicates that veins formed under supra-hydrostatic to lithostatic pressure conditions. Carbon (δ13CV-PDB = 1.81-2.10 for veins and 1.95-2.51 for host marbles), oxygen (δ18OV-SMOW = 28.71-29.57 for veins and 28.90-29.36 for host marbles) and strontium (87Sr/86Sr = 0.707716-0.707985 for veins and 0.0707708-0.707900 for host marbles) isotope compositions in vein/host marble pairs were internally quite consistent. Combining our structural and geochemical data, a modeling approach was performed to investigate the compositional features and temperatures of calcite depositing fluids. The results of our studies give evidence that (1) pore-fluids in Carrara marble, consisting of metamorphic formation waters, were re-mobilized during veining event and migrated within the veins in closed system conditions, (2) veins formed after ductile folding phases and before high-angle brittle faulting events, at temperature and pressure around 250 C and 210 MPa, and finally (3) about 12 g H2O/m3 marble are calculated to have been available as vein parental fluid at the time of vein formation.
URL: http://https://www.journals.elsevier.com/journal-of-structural-geology
Subject vein systems
structural analysis
geochemical analysis
Carrara marbles
Alpi Apuane

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