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Oberti R., Cannilo E., Toscani G. How to name amphiboles after the IMA2012 report: rules of thumb and new PC program for monoclinic amphiboles. In: Periodico di Mineralogia, vol. 81 (2) pp. 257 - 267. Università degli Studi di Roma "La Sapienza", Roma, Italy, 2012.
Major changes have been introduced by the new scheme for amphibole classification and nomenclature for the amphibole supergroup recently approved by IMA-CNMNC, which is strictly bonded to the concepts of dominant group valency and dominant ion. The hierarchy of classification now proceeds through the W (→ groups), B (→ subgroups), and C and A (→ rootnames) ions in a rational and comprehensive scheme which takes into account also hints on amphibole stability based on synthesis work. The new rules are discussed in a simple and application-oriented style, and the procedure to be followed to correctly classify and name amphibole compositions is outlined. A PC program (written in VisualBasic) for naming amphiboles according to the new rules is now available by downloading from the website of CNR-IGG, UOS of Pavia: http://www_crystal.unipv.it/labcris/AMPH2012.zip
URL: http://periodicodimineralogia.it/index.php/mineralogia/index
Subject amphiboles

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