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Romanelli M., Di Benedetto F., Bartali L., Innocenti M., Fornaciai G., Montegrossi G., Pardi L., Zoleo A., Capacci F. ESEEM of industrial quartz powders: insights into crystal chemistry of Al defects. In: Physics and Chemistry of Minerals, vol. 39 (6) pp. 479 - 490. Springer, 2012.
A set of raw industrial materials, that is, pure quartz and quartz-rich mixtures, were investigated through electron paramagnetic resonance and electron spin echoenvelope modulation spectroscopies, with the aim of evaluating the effective role played by defect centres and of assessing whether they can be used to monitor changes in the physical properties of quartz powders with reference to their health effects. The obtained results point to two interactions of the Al defect centres with H?, hosted in sites within the channels parallel and perpendicular to the c axis of quartz, respectively. These two Al/H? (hAl) centres exhibit a weak chemical bond, and their relative amounts appear to be modified/controlled by the thermomechanical processes underwent by powders. Indeed, a mechanically promoted inter-conversion between the two kinds of site is suggested. As a consequence, the hAl centres are effective in monitoring even modest activations of powders, through thermal or mechanical processes, and they are also supposed to play a specific, relevant role in quartz reactivity during the considered industrial processes.
URL: http://https://link.springer.com/journal/269
Subject quartz
hole centres
Al centres
health effects

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