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Bertok C., Martire L., Perotti E., D'Atri A., Piana F. Middle-late jurassic syndepositional tectonics recorded in the ligurian Brianšonnais succession (Marguareis-Mongioie area, Ligurian Alps, NW Italy). In: Eclogae Geologicae Helvetiae, vol. 104 (2) pp. 237 - 255. Springer, 2011.
The Middle-Upper Jurassic succession of the Marguareis-Mongioie area (Ligurian Brianšonnais Domain),developed in a protected shelf environment evolving into a pelagic plateau, bears clear evidence of synsedimentary tectonics such as: growth fault-related structures; neptunian dykes; marked lateral variations in stratigraphic thicknesses testifying to the juxtaposition of sectors characterized by different sedimentation and subsidence rates; discordant, anomalous stratigraphic contacts corresponding to paleoescarpments; nodular beds showing evidence of fluidification interpreted as seismites; and the occurrence of sand-sized quartz grains pointing to denudation of Permo-Triassic quartz-rich rocks. Such evidence documents an important Middle-Late Jurassic post-breakup tectonic activity, which was more effective in controlling the basin topography than the Early Jurassic syn-rift tectonic phase. Two main tectonosedimentary stages, one occurring during the Bathonian, the other falling within the Callovian-Kimmeridgian interval, were reconstructed. The first stage can be referred to a fault related activity occurring shortly after the initial stages of oceanic spreading of the Ligurian Tethys; the second can be genetically related to the far effects of the first rifting stage of the Bay of Biscay and the Valais basin.
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Subject jurassic limestones
post-breakup tectonics
Brianšonnais domain
Ligurian Alps

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