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Bonini M., Sani F., Moratti G., Benvenuti M. Quaternary evolution of the Lucania Apennine thrust front area (Southern Italy), and its relations with the kinematics of the Adria Plate boundaries. In: Journal of Geodynamics, vol. 51 (2-3, Special issue SI) pp. 125 - 140. Elsevier, 2011.
We examine the structural characteristics and the tectonic evolution of some key areas along the thrust front of the Lucania sector of the Southern Apennines, which also represents the southwestern boundary of the Adria Plate. The results of our study have allowed the identification of a complex tectonic history manifested by the presence of structural elements compatible with different stress fields. Particularly, during the Pleistocene the area experienced a transition from a compressional setting, characterised by NE-ENE shortening, to a post-Middle Pleistocene strike-slip/extensional phase controlled by NE-ENE-directed lateral extension associated with a horizontal NW-NNW-trending σ1 axis. Roughly coaxial transitional stress fields apparently accompanied the progression between these two main regimes. This major change in tectonic setting can be framed into the fragmentation processes of the Adriatic Plate. We propose that the Mid-Adriatic Ridge, a WNW-ESE-trending belt of inverted Mesozoic grabens underwater the Adriatic Sea, has increasingly accommodated the NNW-directed Africa-Adria convergence giving the way to the Africa shortening to propagate into the Lucania Apennines. Furthermore, the comparison with GPS data suggests the existence of an important deep-seated tectonic boundary beneath the Apennines. This element is expected to focus seismicity and may represent an important discontinuity fragmenting Adria.
URL: http://scienceserver.cilea.it/cgi-bin/sciserv.pl?collection=journals&journal=02643707
Subject southern Apennines
structural analysis
stress field
GPS data
Adria plate
intraplate deformation

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