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Calore L., Cavinato G., Canton P., Peruzzo L., Tauro L., Corain B. Metal catalysis with nanostructured metals supported on strongly acidic cross-linked polymer frameworks.I.The behaviour of M2+ions (M=Ni,Pd,Pt,Cu) supported on Rohm & Haas's. In: Reactive and Functional Polymers, vol. 70 (9) pp. 639 - 646. Elsevier, 2010.
The macroreticular Rohm & Haas resin A70 and the DuPont silica/nafion microcomposite SAC-13 undergo facile metalation with NiII, PdII, PtII, CuII cationic species to give materials that do react with both molecular hydrogen in the ''dry" state and sodium borohydride in the aqueous phase. The distribution of the reduced species in the body of the support particles is sensitive to the reduction protocol.
URL: http://https://www.journals.elsevier.com/reactive-and-functional-polymers
Subject metal (0) nanoclusters
commercial macroreticular resin
silica-nafion microcomposite
metal-resins nanocomposites

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