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Rocchi S., Dini A., Mazzarini F., Westerman D. Introduction: LASI III - Magma pulses and sheets in tabular intrusions. In: Geosphere, vol. 6 pp. 161 - 162. The Geological Society of America, 2010.
The origins of granites and intrusive rocks have been widely discussed for a couple of centuries, and the way volcanoes work and their magma forms have attracted scientists, naturalists, and laymen since the dawn of humankind. However, shallow igneous intrusions, representing the obvious link between the hidden kingdom of Pluto and the fiery realm of Vulcanus, have been partly overlooked, leading to some lack of communication between "plutonic" and "volcanic" researchers. An effort devoted to heal this breach has been contributed to by the establishment of the LASI conferences (named after laccolith and sill, the main types of shallow igneous intrusions).
URL: http://https://pubs.geoscienceworld.org/geosphere
Subject magmatology
magma pulses
tabular intrusions

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