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Bayon F., See F., Magro G., Pennisi M. Noble gas and boron isotopic signatures of the Bacon-Manito geothermal fluid, Philippines. In: Geofluids, vol. 8 (4) pp. 230 - 238. Wiley, 2008.
Noble gas isotopic composition and abundances were determined on dry gas sampled in geothermal wells from the Bacon-Manito (BGPF) geothermal field in the Philippines. The most significant findings come from the 3He/4He ratio; a mantle-He source is evidenced by ratio close to 7 Ra. Peripheral fluid from the west and south of the geothermal system is relatively enriched in 4He (R/Ra slightly > 2), most probably sourced from U and Th decay in old igneous or crustal rocks. The two end-members mix, producing the range of R/Ra ratios observed in the other wells included in this study. Preliminary data on the δ11B signature of the Bacon Manito fluid separated from vapour range from 7 to 9. These values suggest that the local magmatic rocks could represent the main boron source, in agreement with the boron isotopic signature of Pacific arc lavas.
URL: http://onlinelibrary.wiley.com/journal/10.1111/(ISSN)1468-8123
Subject Bacon-Manito
boron isotopes
geothermal fluid
noble gases

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