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Dini A., Mazzarini F., Musumeci G., Rocchi S. Multiple hydro-fracturing by boron-rich fluids in the Late-Miocene contact aureole of eastern Elba Island (Tuscany, Italy). In: Terra Nova, vol. 20 (4) pp. 318 - 326. Wiley, 2008.
In eastern Elba Island (Tuscany, Italy), a shallow crustal level felsic, tourmaline-bearing, dyke-sill swarm of Late Miocene age is associated with abundant tourmaline-quartz hydrothermal veins and metasomatic masses. Development of these veins and masses in the host rocks demonstrates multiple hydro-fracturing by magmatic, boron-rich saline fluid. Tourmalines in felsic dykes are schorl, whereas in veins and metasomatic masses, tourmaline composition ranges from schorl-dravite through dravite to uvite. This compo-sitional shift is evidence for an increasing contribution to the magmatic boron-rich fluids by a Mg-Ca-Ti-rich external component represented by biotite-rich and amphibolite host rocks. This system can be envisaged as an exposed proxy of the high temperature hydrothermal system presently active in the deepest part of the Larderello-Travale geothermal field (Tuscany).
URL: http://onlinelibrary.wiley.com/journal/10.1111/(ISSN)1365-3121
Subject Italy
Elba Island
Late Miocene
boric fluids

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