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Cerrina Feroni A., Levi N., Ottria G. Duplex architecture and late orogenic backthrusting in Foredeep Units of the Northern Apennines (Italy). In: Geological Journal, vol. 43 (4) pp. 447 - 462. Wiley, 2008.
The Northern Apennines of Italy is a fold and thrust belt that resulted from the NE-ward progressive overthrusting of a Mesoalpine stacking (the ocean-derived Ligurian Units) onto the detached sedimentary cover of the Adria plate continental margin (Foredeep Units). The Futa Pass area represents a key sector for the reconstruction of the deformation history of two Foredeep Units (Acquerino and Carigiola Units). The tectonic evolution of this sector is characterized by the superposition of three main deformation stages, with a constant NNE-SSW compression direction. The oldest structure is represented by the NNE-verging Acquerino Unit duplex structure, the roof thrust of which is represented by the Ligurian stacking basal thrust. The interpretation of this structure as a large-scale duplex is supported by the presence in the outer sectors of the Northern Apennines belt of Ligurian Units directly overthrust on younger Foredeep Units. In the second deformation stage the NNE-verging Tavaiano Thrust developed. This regionally significant tectonic surface juxtaposes the Acquerino Unit (already developed as a duplex) and the overlying Ligurian Units, onto the Carigiola Unit. During this stage the fault pattern of the Carigiola Unit was also developed, characterized by two conjugate fault systems, coherent with a NNE-SSW maximum compression direction. During the last deformation stage, a backthrusting with a top-to-the SSW sense of movement (the Marcoiano Backthrust) brings the Carigiola Unit and its tectonic cover over the Acquerino and Ligurian Units, with the development of a large footwall syncline. The deformation history presented here differs from previous studies, and so provides a contribution to the debate on Northern Apennines tectonic evolution.
URL: http://onlinelibrary.wiley.com/journal/10.1002/(ISSN)1099-1034
Subject backthrusting
Foredeep Units
Northern Apennines
polyphase deformation
tectonic evolution

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