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Avanzini M., Dalla Vecchia F., Mietto P., Piubelli D., Preto N., Rigo M., Roghi G. A vertebrate nesting site in North-eastern Italy reveals unexpectedly complex behaviour of Late Carnian reptiles. In: Palaios, vol. 22 (5) pp. 465 - 475. Society for Sedimentary Geology, 2007.
We interpret 13 large subcircular or horseshoe-shaped depressions discovered in Late Triassic peritidal carbonate rocks of the Dogna Valley in Udine Province, northeastern Italy, to be reptile nests. These trace fossils show truncation of strata, elevated ridges of massive sediment, and sediment infill within the depression differing in shape and sedimentary structures from the host sediment. The palynological assemblage of a shaly interbed close to the nest layer indicates a Tuvalian age (Late Carnian). Archosaurian footprints, produced possibly by aetosaurs, are on a surface 130 cm above the nestbearing layer. The trackmakers are considered the most probable nest makers.
Subject Italy
Carnian Alps
fossil vertebrates
fossil reptiles
fossil footprints

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