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Minisini D., Trincardi F., Asioli A., Canu M., Foglini F. Morphologic variability of exposed mass-transport deposits on the eastern slope of Gela basin (Sicily channel). In: Basin Research, vol. 19 (2) pp. 217 - 240. Blackwell, 2007.
The NE portion of Gela Basin in the Sicily Channel is affected by multiple slope failures originated during the late-Quaternary. Basin sequences show evidence of stacked acoustically transparent and/or chaotic units, characterized by irregular upper surfaces, interpreted as mass-transport deposits. The seafloor morphology also shows evidence of both old, partially buried, as well as recent slide products. Two recent slides exposed at seafloor, only 6 km apart (Twin Slides), are similar in geomorphological parameters, age and multistage evolution. Multistage failure of Twin Slides evolved from mud flows, derived from the extensive failure of less consolidated post-glacial units, to localized slides (second stage of failure) affecting older and more consolidated materials. Although Twin Slides are very close to each other and have similar runout and fall height, they produced very dissimilar organization of the displaced masses, likely reflecting the distinct source units affected by failures. Integrating geophysical, sedimentological, structural and palaeontological data, a detailed investigation was conducted to determine the size and internal geometry of this mass-transport complex, to explain the differentiated product and to shed light on its predisposing factors, triggers and timing.
URL: http://onlinelibrary.wiley.com/journal/10.1111/(ISSN)1365-2117
Subject Italy
Gela basin clastic exposed deposits
morphologic variability

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