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Montegrossi G., Tassi F., Vaselli O., Bidini E., Minissale A. A new, rapid and reliable method for the determination of sulphur reduced (S-II) species in natural water discharges. In: Applied Geochemistry, vol. 21 (5) pp. 849 - 857. Elsevier, 2006.
The determination of reduced S species in natural waters is particularly difficult due to their high instability and chemical and physical interferences in the current analytical methods. In this paper a new, rapid and reliable analytical procedure is presented, named the Cd-IC method, for their determination as ΣS2− via oxidation to Formula Not Shown after chemical trapping with an ammonia-cadmium solution that allows precipitation of all the reduced S species as CdS. The S2−-SO4 is analysed by ion-chromatography. The main advantages of this method are: low cost, high stability of CdS precipitate, absence of interferences, low detection limit (0.01 mg/L as SO4 for 10 mL of water) and low analytical error (about 5%). The proposed method has been applied to more than 100 water samples from different natural systems (water discharges and cold wells from volcanic and geothermal areas, crater lakes) in central-southern Italy.
URL: http://https://www.journals.elsevier.com/applied-geochemistry/
Subject chemical analysis
analytical methodologies
reduced sulphur species determination
natural waters
laboratory methods
field procedures

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