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Alvarez-Valero A., Cesare B., Kriegsman L. Formation of elliptical garnet in a metapelitic enclave by melt-assisted dissolution and reprecipitation. In: Journal of Metamorphic Geology, vol. 23 (2) pp. 65 - 74. Blackwell, 2005.
Metapelitic residual enclaves in the Neogene Volcanic Province of SE Spain are residues left after melt extraction. Glass (quenched melt) of granitic composition occurs as inclusions in most minerals and as intergranular pockets. The most common enclave types show one stage of garnet growth that is interpreted to have occurred at the same time as glass production. Some of these show a well-developed foliation outlined by fibrolite, biotite, graphite and glass, which wraps around elongate garnet crystals that have aspect ratios up to 10:1. Based on microstructures and chemistry, the garnet within these rocks shows clear core and mantle structure. The core has an average composition of Alm76-Prp08-Sps14-Grs03 and contains primary inclusions of biotite and melt, trapped during garnet growth. A thin (c. 100 micro m), irregular mantle overgrows the garnet core, enclosing oriented fibrolite inclusions in strain caps, and biotite in strain shadows. In places, the overgrowths form skeletal elongated arms, which extend parallel to the foliation. The garnet mantle contains less Mn and higher XMg, but both core and mantle display flat Mn profiles, the contact being a sharp break. Ternary feldspar and Grt-Bt thermometry yield temperatures in the range 800-900 C, with no systematic differences among the different microstructural domains of elliptical garnet. Based on the observed intracrystalline microstructures, the high amount of melt extraction in the rock by flattening component strain and the chemical zoning of garnet, the formation of elliptical garnet is modelled by a multistage sequence. This involves pressure solution and reprecipitation of the core, followed by post-kinematic, partly mimetic growth of the garnet mantle.
URL: http://onlinelibrary.wiley.com/journal/10.1111/(ISSN)1525-1314
Subject anatexis
El Hoyazo
elliptical garnet
pressure solution

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