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Bellatreccia F., Della Ventura G., Ottolini L., Libowitzky E., Beran A. The quantitative analysis of OH in vesuvianite: a polarized FTIR and SIMS study. In: Physics and Chemistry of Minerals, vol. 32 (1) pp. 65 - 76. Springer, 2005.
A well-characterized suite of vesuvianite samples from the volcanic ejecta (skarn or syenites) from Latium (Italy) was studied by single-crystal, polarized radiation, Fourier-transform infrared (FTIR) spectroscopy and secondary-ion mass-spectrometry (SIMS). OH-stretching FTIR spectra consist of a rather well-defined triplet of broad bands at higher-frequency (3,700-3,300 cm-1) and a very broad composite absorption below 3,300 cm-1. Measurements with E//c or Ec show that all bands are strongly polarized with maximum absorption for E//c. They are in agreement with previous band assignments (Groat et al. Can Mineral 33:609, 1995) to the two O(11)-H(1) and O(10)-H(2) groups in the structure. Pleochroic measurements with changing direction of the E vector of the incident radiation show that the orientation of the O(11)-H(1) dipole is OHc~35, in excellent agreement with the neutron data of Lager et al. (Can Mineral 37:763, 1999). A SIMS-based calibration curve at ~10% rel. accuracy has been worked out and used as reference for the quantitative analysis of H2O in vesuvianite by FTIR. Based on previous SIMS results for silicate minerals (Ottolini and Hawthorne in J Anal At Spectrom 16:1266, 2001; Ottolini et al. in Am Mineral 87:1477, 2002) the SiO2 and FeO content of the matrix were assumed as the major factors to be considered at a first approximation in the selection of the standards for H. The lack of vesuvianite standards for quantitative SIMS analysis of H2O has been here overcome by selecting low-silica elbaite crystals (Ottolini et al. in Am Mineral 87:1477, 2002). The resulting integrated molar absorption FTIR coefficient for vesuvianite is i=100.0002.000 l mol-1 cm-2. SIMS data for Li, B, F, Sr, Y, Be, Ba REE, U and Th are also provided in the paper.
URL: http://https://link.springer.com/journal/269
Subject vesuvianite
SIMS analyses
FTIR spectroscopy
OH calibration

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