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Di Vincenzo G., Carosi R., Palmeri R. The relationship between tectono-metamorphic evolution and argon isotope records in white mica: Constraints from in situ 40Ar-39Ar laser analysis of the Variscan basement of Sardinia. In: Journal of Petrology, vol. 45 (3) pp. 1013 - 1043. Oxford University Press, 2004.
The basement of Sardinia represents a nearly complete section of a segment of the Variscan belt that experienced a polyphase tectono-metamorphic evolution and Barrovian metamorphism. This basement is well suited to investigate the relationship between tectono-metamorphic evolution and argon isotope records in white mica. Micaschists from the garnet zone (maximum T of up to 520-560C) contain two texturally and chemically resolvable generations of white mica: (1) deformed celadonite-rich flakes, defining a relict S1 foliation preserved within the main S2 foliation or enclosed in rotated albite porphyroblasts; (2) celadonite-poor white micas aligned along the main S2 foliation. The S1 foliation developed earlier and at a deeper crustal level with respect to that at which the thermal peak was reached. From the staurolite zone (T of up to 590-625C) to the sillimanite + K-feldspar zone, white mica is nearly uniform in composition (muscovite) and is predominantly aligned along the S2 foliation or is of later crystallization. In situ 40Ar-39Ar laser analyses of white mica yielded ages of 340-315 Ma in the garnet zone, and 320-300 Ma in the staurolite and sillimanite + K-feldspar zones. Results highlight a close link between argon isotope records in white mica and both textures and structure-forming major elements. The oldest ages were detected in samples where the earlier syn-D1 white mica generation did not texturally and chemically re-equilibrate at upper-crustal levels. This study suggests that the white micas that escaped recrystallization retain argon isotope records of an earlier metamorphic stage that survived a later event characterized by temperatures higher than 500C.
URL: http://https://academic.oup.com/petrology
Subject K-Ar systematics
40Ar-39Ar laserprobe dating
white mica
Barrovian metamorphism
Variscan belt

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