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Espizua L., Bigazzi G., Iunes P., Hadler J., Osorio A. Fission-track dating of a tephra layer related to Poti-Malal anf Seguro drifts in the Rio Grande basin, Mendoza, Argentina. In: Journal of Quaternary Science, vol. 17 (8) pp. 781 - 788. Wiley, 2002.
Two old drift units called Poti-Malal and Seguro have been differentiated in the Rio Grande basin based on relative-age criteria, stratigraphical relationships, morphology and fission-track dating. A tephra dated at 0.226 0.025 Ma was deposited on the Poti-Malal drift and underlies the Seguro outwash, which is inferred to equate with marine oxygen isotope stage 6. The stratigraphical position and age suggest that the tephra post-dates the Poti-Malal glaciation and that it is older than the Seguro drift. The Poti-Malal glaciation must be at least as old as Early-Middle Pleistocene, and the Seguro glaciation is assigned to the penultimate glaciation. The tephra unit may have been deposited during marine oxygen isotope stage 7.
URL: http://onlinelibrary.wiley.com/journal/10.1002/(ISSN)1099-1417
Subject pleistocene glaciations
fission-track dating
climate changes
Mendoza Andes

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