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Tartarotti P., Susini S., Nimis P., Ottolini L. Melt migration in the upper mantle along the Romanche fracture zone (equatorial Atlantic). In: Lithos, vol. 63 (3-4) pp. 125 - 149. Elsevier, 2002.
Textural and petrological data of mantle peridotites sampled in the central and western parts of the Romanche Fracture Zone (Equatorial Atlantic) during the oceanographic expedition PRIMAR-96 (Russian R/V Gelendzhik) are presented. The studied rocks are mantle peridotites carrying patches, pockets and veins/dikes of magmatic origin, interpreted to be the product of various extents of magma impregnation on mantle partial melting residues. Estimated partial melting degrees based on clinopyroxene Ti/Zr ratios are in the ranges 5-13% and 18-20%. In highly impregnated samples, refertilization of residual peridotite minerals precludes a correct evaluation of the degree of melting. Magmatic products occur as plcpxopxolsp aggregates with various textural features. Interstitial pl-rich patches and gabbroic pockets are interpreted to derive from magma migration through the upper mantle by diffusive porous flow in the ductile part of the lithosphere and melt-rock reactions. Metasomatism of the host peridotites is testified by Ti and Cr increase in spinel and Ti, Sr, Zr, Y and LREE increase in clinopyroxene. Veins and dikes reflect channeled magma migration focused by brittle failures at shallower lithospheric levels. Minor or no chemical changes occurred in peridotites impregnated along fractures. The compositions of magmatic minerals in impregnated peridotites are consistent with derivation from variably fractionated melts of probably MORB type. Barometric estimates suggest that the Romanche peridotites were impregnated at minimum depths of ca. 9-12 km. Thermometric estimates for the peridotite hosts are in the range 750-1050 C. The spread in temperature values is partly ascribed to localized heating by migrating melts of relatively cold peridotites. Our data and the occurrence of both fertile and depleted peridotites in a neighbouring area along the western Romanche FZ are in accord with the hypothesis of small-scale (<100 km) mantle heterogeneity along this fracture zone.
URL: http://https://www.journals.elsevier.com/lithos
Subject Romanche fracture zone
abyssal peridotite
magma impregnation
trace elements
mantle metasomatism

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